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Stan and Joan Cross Park Images
courtesy of Joan Cross

Mayflower Dairy Buildings

Several buildings remain on the site of the Mayflower Dairy including the Barn, the Milking Barn, the Milk Truck Garage and Frank & Anna Dueber's tiny 2-room home.

Old Tree on Park Property

Likely supplied shade for hundreds of hot cows over the decades.

courtesy of Joan Cross

Picture of old shed

Appears to have been used as a garage for a vehicle, farm equipment or perhaps a horse buggy.

courtesy of Joan Cross, 2007

Dairy Barn 2

"Dairy Barn 2"

Milk Truck Garage

The Mayflower Dairy's milk truck garage has sliding doors across the front to allow easy entry and exit from the road. Behind the milk truck garage is the foundation for the milk storage area. Unfortunately, the building itself no longer stands.

Milking Barn

Stanchions in the Mayflower Dairy's Milking Barn.

courtesy of Joan Cross, 2007
Mayflower Dairy Barn

The original Mayflower Dairy barn--believed to be built sometime between 1924 - 1930.

courtesy of Joan Cross, 2007

Clover Creek

Kyle Cross and the family dog Lucky enjoy Clover Creek.

courtesy of Joan Cross

Dairy Cows and Beef Cattle

The property has long hosted cows-- from the Dairy cattle for over 40 years to the beef cattle raised by the Cross family.

courtesy of Joan Cross

Creek Winter View

Winter view of Clover Creek.

courtesy of Joan Cross



courtesy of Joan Cross



courtesy of Joan Cross

Landscape of the Park Property

Landscape of the park property.

courtesy of Joan Cross

Winter View

"Winter View"

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