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20th Century

Frederickson was originally identified as Salcich Junction after a sawmill owner, William Salcich, who located here in 1907. Frederickson became a bustling little community centered around the sawmills, a general store and Post Office named for Olaf B. Frederickson who operated a sawmill between 1910 and 1920.

General Store and Post Office, current day.

The General Store and the Post Office are still standing today and are being used as residences. The Post Office was established June 10, 1920. Deliveries were received daily from Tacoma by train. The Post Office was closed March 28, 1931, after a fire destroyed the sawmill and drove most residents from the area.

Long after logging diminished, the Port of Tacoma in 1968 bought about 600 acres in Frederickson and established an industrial area. In 1990 Boeing selected the Frederickson site to build their skin & spar plant which opened April 12, 1992 and their Composite Manufacturing Center (CMC) which opened April 15, 1993. Since then, the Frederickson Industrial Area has grown significantly.

New Millenium

Over the past 10 years, the residential population on the outskirts of the industrial area has grown significantly with many new home developments attracting new residents. In 2008 Frederickson residents warmly welcomed the Canyon Crossing Shopping Center (SE corner of 176th & Canyon) which includes a Lifestyle Safeway, Starbucks, Taco Time, Subway and Supercuts. Ricky J's Restaurant and Lounge (6805 176th St. E.) also opened in 2008 and is quite popular with Frederickson residents. An additional retail area is planned for the NW corner of 176th & Canyon (Frederickson Town Center) and on the SW corner (Frederickson Place).

From a simple community of a sawmill, post office and general store in 1907 to a major industrial area with fresh retail offerings and opportunities Frederickson, WA is growing while responding to the entire community's needs. (more)


In 2002, residents of Frederickson formed Frederickson United Neighbors Political Action Committee (FUNPAC) that explored cityhood for our community. It received enough signatures to make it on the ballot. The residents did not vote to incorporate the City of Frederickson at that time. The effort was primarily a necessary defensive measure to combat incorporations by Gateway and South View whom were attempting to incorporate mostly the industrial section of Frederickson as a tax base for their residents.

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