Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council Logo

Frederickson is home to the oldest continuing non-governmental community organization in Pierce County. The FCCCC was established as a non-profit organization on January 16th, 1978, however archives show that this community organization dates back to 1976 when it was started by Walt Lively and others. Many are still active members today!

The FCCCC is an all-volunteer organization that relies on the tireless support of our community leaders and volunteers, people just like you.

Our Purpose

  • Informing the residents of proposed developments and improvements.
  • Communicating with government officials in order to develop the best use of land.
  • Supporting industry in the employment center.
  • Providing an opportunity for development of common interests among residents.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among community members.
  • Providing regular outside speakers on Frederickson issues.
  • Supporting the nurturing of communities, as well as growth of industries in Frederickson.

Board of Directors

President: Terry Hurd
Vice President: Dean Absher
Treasurer: Naoko Geforos
Secretary: John Marshall
Sergeant at Arms: Mike Goodell

Committee Chairs

Events Committee:
Public Safety: Dean Absher;


Organizational Documents

Our 1978 Articles of Incorporation.
Also available are the Revised 2010 FCCCC By-Laws.



Public Meetings

Attend a FCCCC Meeting 

The FCCCC meets monthly and is open to the public. We meet on the 3rd Saturday each month (except in December). Get informed, get involved, attending a meeting.

To get involved in the planning community events check out the community events page and get in touch with our Events Chair.


Donate to FCCCC

The Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council looks forward to hosting several community events each year. Contributions are greatly appreciated and necessary for hosting community events. If you prefer your donation to sponsor a specific project, please contact to clarify your desire.